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Wedgewood at the Retreat | OC Wedding Officiant

Emily and Andy met while working for Christina Perri (yes, the singer) while on tour. You can imagine how hard planning a wedding is when you’re touring the country from a bus! That’s why they chose Wedgewood at the Retreat as their venue, where they could be guided through the wedding planning process with hand-selected vendors (including an OC wedding officiant, me!) who work together all the time.

They confessed during our ceremony planning session via Skype that they were skeptical about hiring a professional OC wedding officiant, but as Emily said…

Originally, we wanted to ask one of our friends to be our officiant. We thought it would be more personal, more intimate. Turns out, it’s not that easy! We couldn’t decide on the right person, and then what if that person wasn’t very comfortable with public speaking, what if they got all nervous and messed up? After much debate, we decided to book an OC wedding officiant, giving up on the idea that it would be “personal” and just going for the pro.


Well, were we wrong. Marie made it so personal and so intimate, everyone at the wedding thought she WAS a friend! People were asking her how she knew us, wondering how long we’ve known her for. She made the ceremony so romantic and perfect for us, it really was as if we’d known her for years.

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Exciting News: I’m an Expert!

I’ve been sitting on this announcement for months!

The European Celebrants Collective is “the first of its kind: an online education platform focused on helping Celebrants across Europe to improve and develop their skills as professional Celebrants.”

(Celebrants are what the rest of the world calls officiants. Geez, America, we’re so contrary! 😉)

Why is this relevant to anything? Oh, NBD, just because I have been asked to be an Expert Contributor to the ECC.

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How to Do an Urban Vintage Wedding at The Speakeasy on State with Let's Get Married by Marie and Christina Sanchez Photography

Speakeasy on State | Redlands Wedding Officiant

It’s always flattering when you get a referral, but it always tickles me when a photographer or videographer recommend me to their couples. So you can imagine the thrill I felt when Michael called me and said his photographer – the fabulous Christina Sanchez Photography – referred him and said I was an awesome wedding officiant who she thought would be a great fit for them. (Thanks, Christina!)

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Bel Air Bay Club | Malibu Wedding Officiant

Rich reached out to me a little over a month before his wedding to Maisie. They already set the date at an extraordinary venue, secured an amazing photographer, but still hadn’t chosen a Malibu wedding officiant to actually marry them yet! Rich said he dug my vibe – I’m pretty sure that’s a direct quote, which made me laugh because I thought I was the only one who still says that! He really wanted me to chat with him and his fiancée to see if we were a good fit. Spoiler alert: We were.

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