I adore Ariel and Michael. ADORE. I cannot express how excited I was when Ariel invited me to be their Palm Springs wedding officiant. A nerdy bride + a level-headed, sweet groom + super awesome family and friends + a fun and iconic venue = me and all the squee!

Ariel and I immediately bonded over Star Trek and our mutual love of color-coded organization. So when she wanted a ceremony that was meaningful but not overly emotional or corny, I knew I understood what she meant. They wanted a fun wedding that reflected who they are as individuals and a couple. They are fairly private, very fun and considerate, and did not want schmaltzy or overly romantic. When they invited me to be their Palm Springs wedding officiant, I was stoked!

We always had fun when we chatted on the phone, via text or email, but from the moment I arrived at their Ace Palm Springs wedding, I felt like one of the family.

And look at their wedding party!


Damn straight they were!

After rallying the troops, we got everyone in one place for the ceremony to begin.

Here’s a snippet from the ceremony I wrote for them:

“It shouldn’t surprise any of you to learn they met at work. They met when Ariel interviewed for her current job, but it was really about a week after she started the job that she interacted with him. He had just come back from a trip to China and they engaged in that normal new coworker chit chat we all dread just a little bit.

“Michael told me that he noticed her intellectual curiosity and high energy from the beginning. She, on the other hand, was immediately attracted to his personality (“Such a ham,” she said) and his inhuman perfectly coifed hair. Now, this is a very important statement, because Ariel later took a picture of said hair to show to her friend, Rachel.

“Now Rachel, we want to stop and thank you here, because she has been a bit of an oracle to Ariel ever since they met. She has called all Ariel’s relationships with startling accuracy. So when Ariel came over and had talked nonstop about Mike and his hair on her couch, Rachel explained to Ariel that she was in fact interested in him. Ariel protested for a good half hour, trying to convince Rachel and herself that there was just no way. But she insisted because she’d never heard Ariel talk about someone like this. Finally, Ariel saw the light… and the rest, as they say, is history.”

palm springs wedding officiant ace hotel wedding

I was so honored to celebrate such cool, easy-going people. I mean look at them! The joy and ease of their relationship just radiates off of them.

And I LOVE that she slyly incorporated her fandom into her outfit later…

And if you’re having an ACE Palm Springs wedding, I’m telling you, you are required to jump in the pool at the end of the night. The photos always turn out AMAZING.

ACE Palm Springs wedding officiant

The #iwuvwutoo Dream Team…

Fab venue: ACE Palm Springs
Amazeballs photographer: Christina Chi Craig
Palm Springs wedding officiant: Let’s Get Married by Marie

When all was said and done, Ariel took to the internets and shared her experience. Here’s what Ariel said on WeddingWire about me…

Choosing Marie as our officiant made our wedding everything we planned for it to be. If you want someone fun, but down to earth, someone who can write a ceremony that gives everyone the feels or makes them laugh, this is your lady. Her process is fun and intuitive. Over the course of a few calls and with some very well thought out questions she gets to know not only you but your relationship and love story. With writing chops like Marie’s, we are lucky she is writing vows instead of spending her considerable talents on journalism or literature. For our wedding we wanted everything to be as simple as possible and Marie made that happen.

My favorite things: the warm-hearted, fun-loving personality she brings to the table; the consideration and flexibility she shows while crafting your ceremony; how she knows just when to offer advice or guidance about setup or other details; her beautiful and enigmatic speaking voice!

Ariel on WeddingWire

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