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Ponte Winery Wedding | Temecula Wedding Officiant

Brittany and Juan wanted to leave their home in Miami and have a destination wedding in California. They had selected the date for a beautiful Ponte winery wedding on a bank holiday Monday in October, but had yet to select their Temecula wedding officiant when Brittany found me on Yelp. She scheduled a phone consultation and we clicked right away. They were so cool that I opened up that Monday (normally my day off) just because I was so excited to celebrate their love and life together.

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2017 Year in Review

With just one ceremony remaining on the books for 2017, I wanted to share with you all my review of the year. It was full of adventures and beauty, snafus and laughs. I managed to slow down a bit this year after performing over 130 weddings (!) in 2016. I’ll finish with just over a 100 happy couples married by me this year. I loved slowing down some because I had a bit more time to savor the experiences with all of you and really delight in the moments we shared.

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Elope in LA | Malibu Wedding Officant

When Stephen reached out to me looking for a Malibu wedding officiant, he explained that he and his partner Paul wanted to elope in LA but they did not want a “normal” wedding. They were flying out of the UK to come and celebrate in Malibu so they could just have a handful of their nearest and dearest friends without all the fuss and stress of a wedding.

“Can you do that?” he asked me.

“You can get married in your pajamas sipping mimosas if you want to, love,” I said. “It’s your day!”



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Marriage is NOT a Piece of Paper

For this Wedding Wednesday, I’m gonna rant for a minute…

If I hear “I don’t believe in marriage because it’s only a piece of paper” one more time, I think I just might go postal and start slinging Jello at anyone within slingshot distance David-and-Goliath style.


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Wedgewood at the Retreat | OC Wedding Officiant

Emily and Andy met while working for Christina Perri (yes, the singer) while on tour. You can imagine how hard planning a wedding is when you’re touring the country from a bus! That’s why they chose Wedgewood at the Retreat as their venue, where they could be guided through the wedding planning process with hand-selected vendors (including an OC wedding officiant, me!) who work together all the time.

They confessed during our ceremony planning session via Skype that they were skeptical about hiring a professional OC wedding officiant, but as Emily said…

Originally, we wanted to ask one of our friends to be our officiant. We thought it would be more personal, more intimate. Turns out, it’s not that easy! We couldn’t decide on the right person, and then what if that person wasn’t very comfortable with public speaking, what if they got all nervous and messed up? After much debate, we decided to book an OC wedding officiant, giving up on the idea that it would be “personal” and just going for the pro.


Well, were we wrong. Marie made it so personal and so intimate, everyone at the wedding thought she WAS a friend! People were asking her how she knew us, wondering how long we’ve known her for. She made the ceremony so romantic and perfect for us, it really was as if we’d known her for years.

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Exciting News: I’m an Expert!

I’ve been sitting on this announcement for months!

The European Celebrants Collective is “the first of its kind: an online education platform focused on helping Celebrants across Europe to improve and develop their skills as professional Celebrants.”

(Celebrants are what the rest of the world calls officiants. Geez, America, we’re so contrary! 😉)

Why is this relevant to anything? Oh, NBD, just because I have been asked to be an Expert Contributor to the ECC.

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