Emily and Andy met while working for Christina Perri (yes, the singer) while on tour. You can imagine how hard planning a wedding is when you’re touring the country from a bus! That’s why they chose Wedgewood at the Retreat as their venue, where they could be guided through the wedding planning process with hand-selected vendors (including an OC wedding officiant, me!) who work together all the time.

They confessed during our ceremony planning session via Skype that they were skeptical about hiring a professional OC wedding officiant, but as Emily said…

Originally, we wanted to ask one of our friends to be our officiant. We thought it would be more personal, more intimate. Turns out, it’s not that easy! We couldn’t decide on the right person, and then what if that person wasn’t very comfortable with public speaking, what if they got all nervous and messed up? After much debate, we decided to book an OC wedding officiant, giving up on the idea that it would be “personal” and just going for the pro.


Well, were we wrong. Marie made it so personal and so intimate, everyone at the wedding thought she WAS a friend! People were asking her how she knew us, wondering how long we’ve known her for. She made the ceremony so romantic and perfect for us, it really was as if we’d known her for years.

wedgewood at the retreat

Marie takes the time to get to know you before your big day, so when you’re standing up there you don’t feel like you’re with a stranger. You feel comfortable and even supported by this person. She makes you feel like she really believes in your love, your marriage, that she’s as happy for you as anyone else at the wedding.

She also sent us a “Love Questionnaire” for both of us to fill out separately, so she would get to know us individually as well as together. She uses this to create the “Love Story” portion of your ceremony, where she talks about you as a couple, how you met, how you fell in love. By wedding day, she really knows you.

oc wedding officiant at wedgewood at the retreat

From their custom wedding ceremony at Wedgewood at the Retreat…

“For those of you who have never done a music tour on a bus, I want you to imagine 12 people living in a moving studio apartment together for months at a time. Though they had just met, Emily and Andy’s bunks were 2 feet from each other. You work together, you hang out together, there’s nowhere to go when you’re upset with someone… it’s living at light speed in tight quarters. It’s creativity and exhaustion and magic and needing 5 minutes to yourself. And that is how they got to know each other.”

“Now everyone saw it coming. Christina says she called it before they even met, which I’m totally going to grant her because she brought them together to start with. They fell in love hard and fast and it was awesome. Working together, hanging out together, singing Penguin to each other backstage. Andy cracking her up, Emily hoping she looks cute for him today, taking their off time to catch the sights together in all the places they toured.”

And then Christina sang them the song they sang to each other as they fell in love (start at 2:57 to see it)…

Emily wrapped up her review on Yelp by saying…

We could not have been happier with our choice to use Marie for our special day. The ceremony set the tone for the entire wedding, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. It was perfect, she was perfect. PERFECT!

The #thefrostsbigday dream team…

Venue: Wedgewood at the Retreat
Photography: Matt Cosby
Videography: Amber Exposure
OC wedding officiant: Let’s Get Married by Marie
DJ: JC Entertainment DJ
Ceremony Music: Christina Perri and Johnny Hanson

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