Are you ready to get married without all the fuss of a wedding? Want a cheap, fast way to be legally married?

What to Expect with the Make It Legal service

  1. You bring your marriage license (which you two have acquired from the County Clerk’s office).
  2. I will ask you if you want to marry this person (traditionally heard as the “I do” portion of a wedding).
  3. I pronounce you as married.
  4. I sign and file your marriage license. I can email you a copy of the signed license if you need it for insurance, immigration, or real estate purposes.
  5. I release you back into the wild as a married couple!

Yeah, it’s that easy!

Here’s what the Make It Legal service is NOT:

  1. This is not a formal wedding. (We’re meeting outside a coffee shop, for goodness sake!) It IS getting you legally married in under 5 minutes in comfy clothes with a tasty beverage to celebrate. 🙂
  2. This is not a fancy elopement. There is a maximum of 2 witnesses permitted and NO GUESTS, NO EXCEPTIONS. No professional photography is allowed. If you want a genuine Epic Elopement Experienceâ„¢, check out my California Elopement services.
  3. This is not a planned elopement. This is for people who want or need to get married fast and cheap, which is why I do not allow Make It Legal bookings any further than 7 days in advance and with a minimum of 12 hours notice.
  4. Should you choose the Make It Legal route now and have a big wedding later, you can take $150 off any of my officiating services.

If you’re ready for a no fuss, just the paperwork Make It Legal service, then you can schedule and pay for your appointment below!